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Bellevue: Botanical Garden

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Bellevue, Washington State

The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a tranquil oasis located in the heart of Bellevue, Washington. The garden spans 53 acres and features a wide variety of plant collections, including rare and endangered species. It also boasts several walking trails, a gift shop, and educational programs for visitors of all ages.

My recent trip to the Bellevue Botanical Garden was a delightful experience. The garden's well-manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and lush trees created a serene atmosphere that was perfect for a relaxing day out. As soon as I stepped inside, I was struck by the beauty of the place. The vibrant colors and fragrances of the flowers and plants immediately lifted my spirits.

The garden is divided into several distinct areas, each showcasing different types of plants and landscapes. The Yao Garden, for example, is a traditional Chinese garden that features a pond, a waterfall, and a pavilion. The Native Discovery Garden, on the other hand, highlights the flora and fauna native to the Pacific Northwest region.

One of the highlights of my trip was the Fuchsia Garden, which houses over 200 varieties of fuchsias. The bright and cheerful blooms of the fuchsias created a stunning display that was a treat for the eyes. I also enjoyed walking through the Waterwise Garden, which showcases plants that require less water and are well-suited for the region's dry summers.

The garden also has several walking trails, which are perfect for a leisurely stroll. The trails wind through the garden's different areas and provide stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. I particularly enjoyed the Ravine Experience, a trail that takes you through a ravine filled with ferns, mosses, and other native plants.

A mix of beautiful flowers I found in the garden.

Aside from the garden's natural beauty, the Bellevue Botanical Garden also offers educational programs for visitors. These programs include guided tours, workshops, and classes on a wide range of topics related to gardening, horticulture, and conservation. I found these programs to be informative and engaging, and they provided a deeper understanding of the garden's plants and ecosystems.

Overall, my trip to the Bellevue Botanical Garden was a wonderful experience. The garden's beauty and tranquility provided a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The garden's educational programs also added a layer of depth to the experience, making it both relaxing and informative. I would highly recommend a visit to the Bellevue Botanical Garden to anyone looking for a peaceful and educational day out.



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