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Mental Health Resources

This section has been created for YOU. If you're struggling with mental health issues, then you can find helpful resources here. Most have helped me to understand, learn from, and accept my emotions. Although I'm still working on it, these resources have open a path I didn't know or have before. Healing is a journey, but having they right resources and opportunities to learn from what makes your life so hard sometimes, will help you regulate and welcome those emotions and feelings. 

I really hope something on this page can make your life easier. 

Ten Percent Happier 

This podcast is host by Dan Harris, a veteran journalist, who invites people to talk about mental health. They have provide great insights about this topic and guests are awesome! 

Check it out on Spotify and YouTube!

Yellow Flowers
Orange Dahlia

Headspace Guide To Meditation

This is a Netflix Docu-series about mental health and the ability to learn how to meditate about different topics. My favorite thing is the voice that guides you through meditations. It's very calming. 

Check it out on Netflix!



Twill is an app that supports mental health and well-being. It's free and you'll find tools, activities, health trackers, check-ins, articles and a whole community in it. I listen to some meditations to fall asleep, and there's really good content that will help you navigate your mental health issues. You can either download it on your phone or sign up on 

Cozy Winter

The Power of Vulnerability

I love Brené Brown! This Ted Talk is an absolute must see! I got so many good insights about what vulnerability is and also got validation on how brave and vulnerable I've been in my life. 

Check it out on YouTube!

Wilderness Breakfast

Dear Hollywood

Alyson Stoner is an actress who's better known as Sarah Baker in the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" from 2003. She grew up in Hollywood and now that she's an adult, she takes you through her mental health journey in different episodes on this podcast. This will give you great insights about mental health. 

Check it out on YouTube!

Meditation Hand Gesture

Many Lives, Many Masters

This book by Dr. Brian L. Weiss talks about a patient who was able to go back to her past lives through hypnosis and how she healed by doing it. The description of her past lives is so vivid that you immerse yourself in her world and makes you believe that there's way more than what meets the eye. Available on Amazon!


Meditation List

This website is a great resource to find short and long meditations. Take a look at it here

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